This ice point dry well is truly remarkable in its ability to establish the ice point with exceptionally low uncertainty and high stability. With an innovative arrangement of angled thermowells (which allows liberal clearance for larger diameter probe-to-cord transitions while still placing the tips of the thermometers in very close proximity) and  a floating inner zone (yes, there is a two zone core and controller in that box!), the Model K57 Ice Point Reference Dry Well provides excellent performance.

Utilizing solid state cooling technology in conjunction with high-resolution digital electronic controls,  it is immune to potential damage from freezing temperatures encountered during transport.  

With the ability to operate the unit with the  thermowells oriented horizontally, vertically or positioned on the integral bail, long stem thermometers are easily accommodated.
Field calibration may be accomplished in your lab using a simple three button digital user interface—no knobs to tweak on this system.

Originally developed to maintain thermocouple reference junction probes at the ice point, the Model K57 Ice Point Reference Dry Well is sure to find application in PRT and thermistor calibration as well.  The unit is shipped with a removable insert providing better immersion characteristics for 1/8” diameter probes (additional inserts for custom diameters available on request).

  • System Setpoint 0°C
    Overall Uncertainty ±0.005°C
    Control Stability ±0.001°C over 30 minutes
    Thermowells 4 each Aluminum with
    Type 304 Stainless Steel Extensions
    ≈0.276" (7.0 mm) I.D.
    ≈5.9" (150 mm) deep
    Power Requirements 90-264 Volts
    1.5 Amps
    A.C. 47 - 63 Hz.
    Cabinet Physical Dimensions 8.5" (22 cm) wide
    9.75" (25 cm) deep
    5.25" (13 cm) high
    Additional Features Dual Orientation - can be operated horizontally or vertically
    Audible input confirmation tones