Pond Engineering's K34 Furnace provides an affordable, compact system for comparison calibration of up to six thermometers from 90ºC to 1100ºC.  The innovative two-zone furnace offers the user-active control of both the primary setpoint and temperature gradient between core and guard block.

Core and guard-zone blocks of machined graphite suspended in a high-temperature vacuum insulation jacket maximize efficiency.  This configuration provides excellent axial and circumferential gradient control while maintaining a wide setpoint operating range. A single furnace, with the optional extended temperature range configuration, covers the entire range of ITS-90 metal fixed points from Indium through Silver. Custom configurations with even higher upper operating temperature limits available upon request. Rapid heating and stabilization times coupled with integrated user prompts and configuration functions make calibrations quick and simple. 

Interactive controls on a sloping front panel increase usability in a stand-alone configuration. Optional remote interface (RS-232 or IEEE-488) allows users to integrate the K34 into an automated calibration system. Communication software available for either interface option allows users to monitor and configure the system from any remote computer with a graphical user interface. 

Additional software options allow users to configure a working standard thermometer as a third control sensor. The calibrated standard monitors main zone temperature and provides feedback to the system controller, so your setpoints are as accurate as your calibrated standard.


  • System Setpoint Range 90°C to 670°C
    (90°C to 1100°C optional)
    Control Stability +/- 0.007°C
    Thermowells Series 600 Inconel
    ≈0.325" (8.2 mm) dia.
    ≈12" (304 mm) deep
    Operator Interface Manual front panel
    (opetional IEEE-488 or RS-232)
    Power Requirements 120 Volts
    5 Amps maximum
    A.C. 60 Hz.
    (other input power available on special order)
    Ambient Operating Range 15°C to 30°C
    Cabinet Physical Dimensions 12" (30.5 cm) wide
    8.5" (21.6 cm) deep
    18" (45.7 cm) high
  • 1. High temperature evacuated multilayer insulation allows for the use of a low level power supply, even in high temperature operation, and improve temperature uniformity
    2. Main zone of machined graphite, with nearly 10x the thermal conductivity of nickel - iron alloys provides exceptional temperature uniformity
    3. Guard block, driven by an integrated two-zone controller, eliminates axial gradients and even compensates for the stem conduction of the particular thermometers you are calibrating
    4. Heater assemblies in bifilar orietation, with linear DC drive electronics, minimize inductive coupling with thermometers and electrical noise interferrence with measuring instruments
    5. High temperature platinum resistance thermometers with 20-bit ratiometric signal conditioning (no thermocouples) provide unsurpassed stability and accuracy
    6. Overtemperature protection (both primary and secondary) is ensured by dual sensors and integrated microprocessor based controller with watchdog saftey shutoffs


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